4k Cameras and Their Advantages for your Hotel

Product Description

4K cameras are hi-tech cameras that use the 4k technology for photo and video shooting. There are two main categories of 4k cameras. The first are the video production cameras which include models like the Red Scarlet X and Black Magic Production Cameras. These cameras are basically designed for cinematic video production of movies, commercials and documentaries. Although they can take quality still shots, they are mainly designed for filming movies either in the field or studio settings.

Apart from the film production cameras, there are DSLR and Hybrid cameras. The DSLR cameras are designed with a greater 4K resolution. Hybrid cameras like Canon EOS 1D-C, on the other hand, can double as light versions of video production cameras as they are portable and quite flexible. The other type is the camcorder-style 4k camera, like the Sony FDR-AR100. These are hand-held small camcorders although they have power as well as video development features of the powerful 4k cameras. While they can take beautiful shots, they are actually designed for the amateur mobile 4k video recording, but on a smaller budget than the full GoPro 4k.


  1. Maximum Resolution

4K cameras have a maximum still shot and video resolutions. The maximum video resolution is measured in the vertical as well as the horizontal pixel count like 2840 x 2160 pixels for the standard 4k UHD video. Moreover, the cameras have numerous lower 2k or even smaller shooting resolutions. The photo resolution is measured in terms of the total mega pixels or the horizontal by vertical resolution.

  1. The High Processing Power

All high-end 4k cameras have very powerful internal processors, which are necessary for rendering their videos and images. Those with multiple processors give the best results.


  1. The Lenses

Lenses are important for video and photo shooting. Although some DSLRs and 4k film cameras do not come with lenses, it is important to ensure that they have a wide compatibility.

  1. The Size and Type of Sensors

Sensor sizes are basically the measurements of dimensions of photoreceptor arrays that create the cameras’ pixels for both photos and video. Generally, bigger sensors tend to produce better quality photos and videos. Hybrid and high-end 4k film production cameras have stronger and bigger sensors than the DSLRs.

  1. Light Sensitivity

This is measured by the camera’s ISO setting. Some DSLRs have very high ISO settings that go higher than 400,000 and as low as 50. The broader the better.

  1. Video shooting

These cameras include a range of video formats like RAW, MP4, AVCHD and H.264 and they can shoot more than sixty frames per second.

  1. Connectivity

The camera comes with an exemplary connectivity setup which includes the audio and video input and outputs, HDMI inputs and outputs for feeding the 4k video to the TV or computer as well as WiFi capabilities for your hotel.

Other important features include automatic zoom modes, software editing, viewfinder controls and image stabilization features.

The Bottom Line

These camera use advanced technology to achieve exceptionally quality photos. If you are looking for quality cameras that will give you brilliant photos and videos, 4k cameras would be the best option.

Interesting facts about diamond plates

Diamond plates go by a number of names such as tread plate and checker plate. The plate is a lightweight metal that is made either from aluminum or steel. Between the two plates, the steel plate is heavier than the aluminum type. The aluminum type is more resistant to rust. A major characteristic of the metal is its unique design of regular patterns of raised diamonds, hence the name diamond plate. These models feature only on one side of the plate while the other side being dull.

Due to technological advancements the plates are made by pressing the steel or aluminum through two rollers, although traditionally they were created through a hot rolling process. Creation of the plate was for the purpose of enhancing traction on wet and muddy surfaces. The diamond features increase the degree of surface friction and the ability to slip.


From its first use in the in the 20th Century, the plate can now be put to a number of applications. Since the plates reduce the amount of slip, they act as an ideal flooring option for a number of venues. For instance, garage floors often accumulate grease and oil spills in the course of automotive repairs. These spills without a doubt make the floor slippery and a workplace hazard. However, if one used the diamond plate metal as a flooring solution, then the risk of a person slipping and getting injured is significantly reduced. You can find some for sale at SizeMetal.com. Its ability to enhance traction and lessen injuries is the logic behind the plate being used on catwalks, ramps, and stairs as well inside ambulances.

The diamond-like impressions make the metal plate to appear attractive and desirable. It is for this reason used efficiently as a decoration to enhance the esthetic appeal of a number of surfaces. For instance, there is appealing number of doors and windows made of diamond plates. The Diamond plate is also used to make a number of items such as the hood of trucks, trailer body walls and so on. When it comes to the decorative aspect of the plate, the possibilities are endless only limited by one’s creativity.


These plates are resistant to both sea and fresh water, the diamond plates can be used in environments that are corrosive. For instance, they make a suitable material for the construction of tool boxes. They can also be used efficiently to secure water crafts such as boats. It is evident that the diamond plate is a useful metal whose application helps to make life more comfortable and convenient.

How to choose the best hotel?



Traveling with family, friends or alone – most of us will opt for a hotel to spend your nights safe and sound. They are usually more expensive than motels, hostels, private housing or tents, but they do have a lot of benefits. So, how to decide? Just try and google the name of the destination and add hotels in your search, and you will get hundreds, if not thousands of answers in front of you. Deciding on the best option, the cheapest stay, the best food and service at this point can be very hard and even frustrating. So, why ruin your experience?
Before engaging in exhausting quest of examining all the hotels, ask yourself a few simple questions. What are your priorities? Do you want an expensive, luxurious hotel with spa and fitness center or do you just need a room to sleep in. Do you want to have food served in the hotel, or will your schedule keep you out most of the time? Simple questions like this can take hours from your search time and help you find a better match.


best-hotelThere are awesome hotel searching engines out there, and most of the good ones can narrow your search with money as a parameter. Cutting the ones that are too pricey or too cheap will help you get precise answers in less time. And let me give you a little tip: when booking a hotel, don’t do it over the search engine you used to find it, go to the actual web site of the hotel. This way, you will save on additional fees charged by the mentioned engines.



A thing that most travelers are familiar with is the matter of location. When choosing your hotel, keep it’s position in mind. For example, the hotel on the very sea shore may be two to three times more expensive than the one located a few blocks inland. Think about that when choosing, and if you don’t mind a little walk or if you plan on renting a car anyway – you can save some money here.


Going for big names in the industry is not a bad thing, they are usually well established and trustworthy. However, going for small, local hotels and inns has some of it’s own perks. They are usually cheaper and have more of the local spirit, as they are not the franchise with the same uniform style seen in every country, on every continent. Downsides are that they can be of a poorer quality and finding them is not as easy as with big names, but at least there are options.


Family going on a trip traveling by airplaneTraveling with children can prove to be difficult, to say at least. And staying in a hotel that is children friendly can be a blessing. Sometimes it is a special program they have for kids, sometimes it’s discounts you get for the little ones, and sometimes it’s nothing. So choose wisely, as this may be the deciding factor of your holiday.